Who is David?

Grew up in Salisbury

As a native of Salisbury, I grew up in Salisbury, went to kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and high school in Salisbury.   As a teenager, I worked in downtown Salisbury.  After college and law school, I practiced as a CPA and as a lawyer in Salisbury.


My parents

My mother, Rose Post, a well-known reporter with the Salisbury Post for more than 50 years, moved to Salisbury in 1939 with her immigrant parents and lived upstairs in a downtown store.  My dad, Eddie Post, was a partner with my uncle, Leon Zimmerman for almost 40 years, in Zimmerman’s Department Store that grew to become one of downtown Salisbury’s largest retailers.



Thirty years ago, I moved to Cary where I practiced law and later worked with the UNC School of Business to create the Turnaround Management Association.  When it got into trouble, UNC asked me to take over as Executive Director.  At the time, it had 30 members but I built it into a national organization with 1,000 members.  Today, it has 8,000 members around the world.

I then moved to Washington, DC to serve as counsle for North Carolina’US Senator Terry Sanford.  As North Carolina’s Governor, Sanford was selected as one of the ten best governors of the 20th Century for his vision of the future and his boldness in generating ideas that made North Carolina the most productive southern state.  He was a great mentor.


My company

In 1999, I rescued out of bankruptcy a business in Washington, DC.  In 2002, I moved it to Salisbury where we grew it 200 times bigger than when I took over and into one of Salisbury’s largest businesses by sales volume.  We created almost 30 jobs.  When we sold it last year, we didn’t accept the highest offer because we rejected offers from companies that were going to going to move the company – and fire our employees – out of Salisbury.  The offer we accepted was not the highest offer, but it did keep the company and the jobs in Saiisbury.


My new venture – Center for Access to Justice

I recently created the Center for Access to Justice, a non-profit to provide pro-bono and “low-bono” legal services to those how lack the resources to obtain the legal help they need.  The Center for Access to Justice will also offer assistance navigating the health insurance maze and will offer income tax preparation services.

To better serve the community, I have purchased and upfitted an RV as an office.  Here’s a picture of it: